Fereydoun Ave Laal Collection
Some seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959-2019
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Until 23 March 2024, Art Jameel Centre is hosting Some seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959-2019. This group exhibition features a collection of modern and contemporary Iranian art assembled by Fereydoun Ave (one of the most prominent and influential Iranian artists) over the past 50 years. The show was initially conceived by the Carnegie Museum of Art for the 58th Carnegie International in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) and took place from September 2022 to April 2023. It is curated by Negar Azimi, Sohrab Mohebbi, and Talia Heiman.

Some seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959-2019 (installation view).
Art Jameel Centre, Dubai, 2023-2024.

The exhibition’s expanded edition on view at Jameel Arts Centre is presented in three periods: the late Pahlavi period, the early revolutionary era, and the last 20 years, thus providing an uncommon insight into the cultural and art history of 20th and 21st century Iran. The show displays various creations (paintings, sculptures, and works on paper), rare booklets, archival material, portraits, and photos of 37+ artists. Visitors can look at works by Arash Hanaei, Behjat Sadr, Cy Twombly, Davood Emdadian, Farhad Moshiri, Haydeh Ayazi, Iman Raad, Khosrow Hasanzadeh, Leyly Matine-Daftary, and Mamali Shafahi, to name a few.

About Fereydoun Ave

Fereydoun Ave (b. 1945, Tehran, Iran), who divides his time between his home city and Paris (France), is not only an artist but also a designer, art director, collector, curator, gallerist, and art patron. In 1963, he moved to the USA to pursue his education. Ave received his BA in Applied Arts from Theatre from Arizona State University in 1964. At the same time, he studied at the University of Seven Seas (Orange, California). In 1969, the artist graduated from the New York University’s Film School (New York).

Some seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959-2019 (installation view).
Art Jameel Centre, Dubai, 2023-2024.

Ave came back to Iran in 1970. He organised exhibitions at the Iran-America Society’s Tehran Cultural Centre and the Zand Gallery while working as a stage designer at the Theatre Workshop (Kargah-e Namayesh). The artist stayed in Iran after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 and established 13 Vanak Street, an independent exhibition space in Tehran that incubated and launched the careers of numerous artists.

In his pop-influenced art pieces, Ave, who employs mixed media, reflects on his relationship with age, myths, plants, elements, seasons, moods, and heredity. His work also reflects and responds to different socio-political events and changing global cultures. Among the sources of Ave’s inspiration are Iranian art and abstract works of American painter and sculptor Cy Twombly (1928-2011). Ave is also inspired by classical Persian literature, particularly the figure of Rustam. In his artworks, he portrays this legendary hero as a modern wrestler.

Fereydoun Ave, LAL DAHLIAS. Silkscreen on paper. 76 x 56 cm.
Edition of 125

Ave has showcased his artworks in numerous solo and group exhibitions: Souvenirs (Dastan’s Basement, Tehran, 2016); Postcards from Iranesta (Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles, USA, 2015); The Warrior’s Rest (Ermion Technis, Kikladhas, Greece, 2014); The Everlasting Flame: Zoroastrianism in History and Imagination (Brunei Gallery, the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK, 2013); Inaugural Exhibition, JAMM (Shuwaikh, Kuwait, 2011); and many others. The artist’s works can be found in such public collections as Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Contemporary Art Museum (Tehran), The British Museum (London), and The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), to name a few.

To get more information about Some seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, please visit the official web page of the show.

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