Gallery 8 Skygolpe 15.11.2023 ­– 07.01.2024 Curated by Giuseppe Moscatello
Skygolpe and his “Third Dimension”
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SKYGOLPE “Third Dimension” at Foundry Downtown Dubai, Gallery 8. 15th November 2023 – 7th January 2024. Curated by Giuseppe Moscatello.

Skygolpe emerged as a notable figure in the post-NFT artistic movement. The name combines ‘Sky’, denoting infinity, with ‘Golpe’, indicative of ‘human intervention’. Skygolpe is reinterpreting the traditional artist’s role. Instead of just being the creator of his work, he positions himself as an innovator and visionary, reshaping and defining cultural narratives, and pushing boundaries.

“Third Dimension”, the Skygolpe’s debut exhibition in Dubai, shows artworks artists has created over the last few years. For him, this represents an emblem of emotional depth, concealed implications, or the intricate layers of human consciousness. A bi-dimensional artwork can represent the observable universe while introducing a “third dimension” could unveil the concealed, unexpressed, or inner dimensions of a theme. This exhibition is a reflective journey, revisiting the past, assessing the present, and envisioning the future through a diverse perspective.

Skygolpe, Third Dimension (installation view). Foundry Downtown, Dubai, 2023.

For artist, his canvas acts as a gateway, a multifaceted system encompassing diverse elements, each depicted uniquely under specific technical paradigms. His work merges digital and physical aspects and delves deeply into philosophy. His hallmark silhouette, frequently appearing with indistinct, disintegrating borders, morphs into an abstract structure that gradually assumes prominence within the artwork.

His artworks emerges from the intersection of the digital art, interweaving the virtual with the material to create a unified and indissoluble composition. This synthesis offers profound insights into the reflection of technology on society, forging novel pathways for interpreting, utilizing, and contemplating art through the lens of blockchain technology.

Skygolpe, Third Dimension (installation view). Foundry Downtown, Dubai, 2023.

Artworks comprises canvases where the physical and digital realms converge, exploring the relationship between meaning and context. The acrylic paint on canvas interacts with diverse underlying materials and patterns, initiating a dialogue that goes beyond a singular definition of painting. Many of the textures utilized in his paintings originate entirely in the digital domain, while others stem from physical color experiments conducted in the studio.

The project’s goal is to explore the paradoxes and potentials of artificial intelligence in technological design, scrutinizing the algorithmic processes that lead to the creation of form. Artist seeks to reveal the hidden and unexpected consequences of using AI processes in the evolution of installations, prompting a digital reinterpretation of artist ideas. By incorporating a diverse array of materials, the project aspires to highlight the versatility of algorithmic creation, merging technological components with non-traditional materials, such as plastic bags, plastic elements, and other.

Skygolpe, Third Dimension (installation view). Foundry Downtown, Dubai, 2023.

About the artist

Skygolpe is an Italian artist living in Genova. During his street-art days, he learned the power of evocation. He tries to establish a connection in his pieces without forcing the viewer into a defined narrative. Currently, he is working a lot on installations to create a hybrid dimension where physical and digital could meet.

In 2022, Skygolpe transcended the digital sphere by successfully embarking on a journey into the world of physical art, unveiling his groundbreaking project, “Paint on Pixel,” through an auction at the esteemed Christie’s. Skygolpe’s emblematic, faceless portraits are the result of a singular fusion of tangible layers with digital elements. Over recent years, his market presence has culminated in a sales volume of five and a half million euros, positioning him among the top 100 digital artists globally. In a historic moment for Christie’s in 2022, Skygolpe sold an NFT certificate for a physical artwork, signifying a pivotal transformation in the art market with regard to the convergence of physical and digital dimensions.

Skygolpe’s work has graced the halls of numerous prestigious galleries and institutions worldwide, including, Palazzo Giustinian (Venice, IT), Art Dubai, (Dubai, AE), Villa Panza (Varese, IT), Christie’s NY, Art Basel Miami, Museo della Permanente (Milan, IT), Valuart (Lugano, CH), Galerie Widmer (Zurich, CH), and Nighttimestory (US).

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