Shifting Table Grey Noise
Shifting the Centre Table at Grey Noise
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Goa-based Indian artist Shreyas Karle’s exhibition “Shifting the Centre Table” at Grey Noise features objects and ideas gathered from different timelines and staged as a fictional exhibition.

The title of the exhibition takes its roots from an Aveek Sen text that proposes the centre table as a domestic and curatorial display site. It evaluates how the act of arranging objects on various surfaces affects our space perception. 

For this show, the space at the Grey Noise gallery has been arranged with an assortment of objects that Shreyas Karle has collected, combined and repurposed over time. The centre table is used as a motif to analyse form and function. When placed at the centre of the room, chairs become the focal point, while the table display is pushed to the far end. 

In the exhibition text, questions are posed: “Does it matter anymore if the centre table is shifted towards the wall? Does the centre table lose its value if shifted towards the wall? Does the wall gain value if it harbours the table?”

Shreyas Karle often uses visual puns that show everyday objects and situations in a new light in his works, which encompass drawing, video, sculpture, and collage. 

Shreyas Karle has been awarded the FICA artist award for an emerging artist (2009) and the Nasreen Mohamedi scholarship from the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, India (2005). Currently, he is the co-director of CONA Foundation and KATCONA Design Cell.