Relief Mural Collagraph Technique
Relief Mural for Cartoons and Collagraph Technique Workshops
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SAF summer art school continues. Week 2 includes various workshops for youth. From Monday the 18th of July until Thursday the 28th of July, 2022, interesting workshops for teenagers will take place. The languages spoken are English and Arabic. All materials needed will be provided by Sharjah Art Foundation.

Relief Mural for Cartoons and the Collagraph Technique workshops will begin at 10:00 am and will last for three hours until 1:00 pm. They will take place at the institute. The workshops are designed for teenagers aged 13-17. The registration fee is AED 100 for each course.

In Relief Mural for Cartoons workshop, teenagers will work on some famous cartoon characters from animated stories or television shows. With their own hands, they will make a sculptural piece of clay in the style of relief sculpture. After that, they will find out how to manufacture gypsum moulds and reproduce artistic copies of them.

In the Collagraph Technique workshop, participants will learn that the collagraph technique is a basic printmaking method. Here, various materials, such as fabric, burlap, leaves, plastic bags, are glued onto a flat surface to make a collage. After the glue dries, the collage is coloured and printed in different ways to create either embossed or debossed prints of several artistic subjects, for example, animal pictures or face profiles.

Sharjah Art Foundation aims at making it possible for anyone with special needs to attend these events. Please, contact the Sharjah Art Foundation in advance to arrange any support needed during this session.

For more information, please visit the official website of Sharjah Art Foundation.