Sabine Marcelis’ Mirage at Gallery Collectional
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Gallery Collectional, a Dubai-based collectable design gallery, commissioned Mirage, Sabine Marcelis’ new collection. Dubai and its warm desert sun inspired the Dutch industrial designer to create this incredible artwork.

In Mirage, the shapes and colours change and dissolve in their surroundings, blending in light and reflection; thus, the mirror acquires a mysterious look.

“It was the perfect opportunity to experiment further with layered glass and mirror. Removing parts of the mirror to let the light peek through. The soft lines reflect those of the desert and the light represents the city coming alive at night. The object itself has a duality of on and off: day and night, just like Dubai does,” says Marcelis.

In order to get new and unusual visual effects, Sabine Marcelis cooperated with industry specialists, did research in materials and experimented. In the end, her artwork is a real sensorial experience, not just a static work.

“Materials which have transparency, reflective qualities and colour, are eye-catching and have an element of magic to them,” said Marcelis.

Born in 1985, Sabine Marcelis works in product design, installation, and spatial design. She designs functional and decorative objects, accentuating reflection and translucency. Marcelis’s artworks have been exhibited at various art and design fairs. She has been nominated for numerous prestigious design awards and grants. The artist is interested in the relationship between light, colour, and transparency and she has been experimenting with neon lighting. 

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