Rhythms Deep Firetti Contemporary
“Rhythms of the Deep”: Exhibition at Firetti Contemporary
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We continue to do an observation of the current shows at the modern galleries at Alserkal Avenue. Firetti Contemporary presents a multi-sensory solo exhibition by Her Highness Sheikha Maytha Bint Obaid Al Maktoum, titled Rhythms of the Deep.

This unique exhibition is going in collaboration with Connectopia Technologies. It blurs the boundaries between the physical (real) and digital worlds as it takes place in the metaverse, which viewers can access through VR headsets.

It is inspired by the Ancient Greek Myth of Aphrodite & Psyche. The myth tells us a story how Aphrodite – the Goddess of love and beauty becomes envious of Psyche, a princess of outstanding beauty.

HH Sheikha Maytha Bint Obaid Al Maktoum, EPIPHANY 10, 2011. Mixed Media, 150 cm x 120 cm

“The journey begins in the depth of the ocean with the sequence of 12 paintings revealing at the end of the journey a masterpiece titled “Envy”. Each painting was envisioned with the specific soundtrack, that accompanies the image. It is multi-sensory exhibition that takes the viewers deeply into the journey. We’ll envision Aphrodite the first time depicted underneath the ocean,” says the representative of the gallery about the show.

Sheikha Maytha created this exhibition to showcase art to the country in a different light, to appreciate the level the art can reach. It’s not just the subject to walking into a gallery and see the painting. Adding levels of light and music, it wakes all the senses, make people feel art in a different way.

HH Sheikha Maytha Bint Obaid Al Maktoum, EPIPHANY 12, 2012. Mixed Media, 150 cm x 120 cm

Firetti Contemporary represents established and emerging artists from all over the world. Using the vast space of the gallery, Firetti Contemporary builds multidisciplinary art exhibitions, which bring together like-minded individuals of the artistic world. The gallery encourages the importance of individuality but at the same time believes that the art can instil values in our society through the inspirational power of creativity and imagination. Art can also become a vehicle for social change.

The exhibition will last until the 4th of January 2023. To get more information about it, please visit its official web page.

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