Retrospectives Lives Women’s Museum
Retrospectives of Women’s Lives at the Women’s Museum
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The current exhibition at the Women’s Museum in its Bait Al Banat Gallery features retrospectives of the lives of two women: Ousha Bint Husein Bin Nasir Lootah, A Lady From Dubai, ​​and Hajar Al Khaja, A Literate Woman, An Avid Reader.

Ousha Bint Husein Bin Nasir Lootah is an Emirati woman who was interested in all aspects of women’s rights – economic, intellectual, educational or political. Living in a very traditional society, she stayed true to her roots; she respected her society’s traditions and values but, at the same time, she resisted negative cultural stereotypes and how they influenced women’s status and development. Ousha’s father made a big influence on her. At that time, he was one of the few who decided to educate their daughters. She grew up willing to learn and seek knowledge.

Hajar Al Khaja was born in the emirate of Ajman in 1910 AD in a family where everyone read and wrote. Hajar Al Khaja loved books, culture as well as enjoyed learning and finding out something new which is why her life is being celebrated in the Women’s Museum now. Her son, Mohammed Amin Ghayath, has saved all her books and collectibles related to her, so they will give us a picture of her and her interests. 

Unique in the Arab World and the Gulf Region, the Women’s Museum is a place for people to investigate and celebrate the lives of UAE women of the past and present, to meet and appreciate their achievements. Bait Al Banat Gallery showcases the art of female artists, emerging and established, from across the Emirates. 

Rafia Ghubash, one of the UAE’s most influential women, created the museum. “Women here were empowered a long time ago, but haven’t had a chance to tell our story,” said Ghubash, also noting that her grandmothers’ generation contributed far more to the politics, economy, education and literature of the region than has been recognized.

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