Reflections in Free Fall by Bashir Qonqar
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Zawyeh Gallery invites one to visit Reflections in Free Fall, an online solo show by Palestinian artist Bashir Qonqar. It displays his bold and sometimes even provocative artworks that delve into the social tapestry of our existence and allow spectators to explore the threads which tie individuals together within a society. The exhibition will be on view until the 30th of October, 2023.

In the paintings featured in Reflections in Free Fall, the artist illustrates the absurdity that permeates our world and emphasises the schism between societal norms and individual morals. Employing vibrant colours, he intentionally creates a contrast to the subjects he portrays in his works. This juxtaposition is a candid acknowledgement of the ghostliness which often lurks beneath the reality’s surface.

Bashir Qonqar, Untitled (1), 2019. Acrylic on canvas.
39 2/5 × 47 1/5 in. | 100 × 120 cm.

Among the artworks on view are those portraying trees and forest landscapes inspired by Qonqar’s moving to Bad Goisern (Austria) from Palestine in 2018. The new place offered him the comfort of woods, so while exploring the natural world, Qonqar realised that he was unintentionally delving into his narrative. So Reflections in Free Fall is an introspective journey in which the artist’s work reflects his experiences, fears, weaknesses, and strengths while intertwining the universal and the personal.

Started in 2013, Qonqar’s ongoing project titled Free Fall emerged from a series of paintings serving as a testament to his artistic vision. In this project, geographical boundaries dissolve, and the place itself becomes a reflection of our collective essence. The canvas turns into a mirror, reminding us that there is no escape from the truths within us.

Bashir Qonqar, The Red Tree, 2021. Acrylic on canvas.
59 1/10 × 70 9/10 in. | 150 × 180 cm.

About the artist

Bashir Qonqar (b. 1980, Beit Jala, Palestine), an artist with no formal art education, resides in Bad Goisern. He studied social sciences in Germany. In 2007, Qonqar came back to Bethlehem (Palestine), where he worked as a social pedagogue at rehabilitation institutions for several years and was a Public Relations Manager at the Caritas Baby Hospital. At the same time, Qonqar taught oil painting and design at the Faculty of Visual Arts at Dar Al-Kalima University.

When he was 8, Qonqar lost his father during the First Palestinian Intifada, so this tragic event had a profound impact on his life and art. In his work, Qonqar mostly focuses on sociocultural interactions and attempts to understand and reflect on human behaviour. The artist is also interested in society’s collective taboos. To create his art pieces imbued with criticism and sarcasm, he uses various techniques and mediums including painting, drawing, digital art, and installations.

Bashir Qonqar, Untitled (3), 2022. Acrylic & Chinese ink on paper.
19 7/10 × 25 3/5 in. | 50 × 65 cm.

Qonqar has displayed his art pieces not only in his homeland, but also in other countries: Germany, Austria, Andorra, Italy, France, South Africa, Sweden, the Emirates, and the USA.

To get more information about the Reflections in Free Fall virtual exhibition and attend it, please visit its official web page.

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