Ramadan Majlis Nights MOTF
Ramadan Majlis Nights at MOTF
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The Ramadan Majlis Nights at MOTF (Museum of the Future) are presented in collaboration with Dubai Future Labs. There will be three evenings of enlightening discussions held in the lobby of the Museum of the Future during the holy month of Ramadan.

The series of discussions will revolve around the rich heritage of Islamic ethics, intertwining them with contemporary scientific advancement and policy-making. You will delve into a unique exploration of how Islamic principles can shape and guide the future of innovation and research. Speakers will include Islamic scholars, international academics, and UAE thought leaders.

On March 16, in Session 1 titled “Future Innovation Enabled by Islamic Principles,” there will be a discussion about the integration of Islamic ethical principles into modern scientific and technological research, exploring the harmony between progress and moral responsibility, drawing from the rich legacy of Islamic scholars in science and philosophy.

Dr Roy Casagranda is a special guest speaker. He is a Professor of Government at Austin Community College, where he teaches political science. He also focuses on public engagement – giving dozens of news interviews and speeches and writing opinion pieces on US and Middle East politics and history.

Then there will be a Discussion and Q&A led by the Dean of Dubai Future Academy, Dr Mohamed Qasem. He specializes in Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning, and his expertise is in optimization and data compression. He currently serves as a member of the board of directors for the Digital School in the UAE. He was selected by Nature Middle East as one of six science communicators to follow.

On March 23, in Session 2 titled “Future Perspectives on Sustainability and Stewardship in the Muslim World,” the audience will embark on a visionary exploration of the intersection between sustainability, stewardship, and the future within the context of the Muslim world. This session aims to unveil the fundamental perspectives and initiatives that can shape the trajectory of environmental responsibility and sustainable practices in the Muslim community. Dr Reema Al Qaruty, Prof. Odeh Al-Jayyousi, and Manal Bahman are panellists, moderated by the Dean of Dubai Future Academy, Dr Mohamed Qasem.

Dr Reema Misbah Al Qaruty holds a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence and its Principles with seven years of teaching experience in universities across the UAE.

Professor Odeh Al-Jayyousi is the head of Technology and Innovation Management at the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain. He is the author of several books including Islam as sustainable development.

Manal Bahman is a distinguished professional serving as the Director of Operations at Emirates Nature-WWF. With over five years of exceptional leadership experience, Manal oversees and manages major corporate decisions, shapes the organization’s strategic direction, and ensures the effective implementation of key initiatives.

On March 30, in Session 3 titled “Are Social Responsibility and Technological Advancement Compatible?”, the audience will peer into the intersection of social responsibility and technological progress in contemporary life in this engaging session that sheds light on their promising interdependences when viewed through an Islamic lens.

Dr Abdallah Rothman and Awad bin Hassoum Al Darmaki are panellists, moderated by the Dean of Dubai Future Academy, Dr Mohamed Qasem.

Abdallah Rothman is a licensed professional counsellor and scholar renowned for integrating Islamic spirituality with mental health practices, including modern technology. His work, emphasizing the synergy of Islamic teachings with digital tools, expands mental health services’ accessibility and effectiveness.

Awad bin Hassoum Al Darmaki is an Emirati writer and poet in the fields of strategic planning, human development and institutional development.

After every session, enjoy bites, beverages, and networking opportunities, fostering meaningful connections and discussions.

Every session:
Suited for ages above 16
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Start Time: 10:30 PM
Location: MOTF Lobby

Tickets are sold online and require advanced booking. To learn more, please visit the official website of the museum.

Parking Instructions: Limited paid parking spots are available at the Museum and Emirate.