Qatar Auto Museum
Qatar Auto Museum
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The Qatar Auto Museum designed by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) will be situated along the Lusail Expressway in the former exhibition centre which hosted the 1st Qatar Motor Show in 2011.

The museum is planned to bring Qatar’s car community under one roof. It will explore the history and future of the automobile and how it has impacted on life and culture globally. Celebrating the car as a unifying vehicle of culture and innovation, the museum is a part of Qatar Museums’ work connected to car culture: making a world-class collection of automobiles and holding several auto-themed shows.

The 1939 Pontiac Plexiglass Deluxe Six (known as the “Ghost Car”). Photo: Ali Al Anssari, courtesy of Qatar Museums, 2022.

According to the OMA’s design plan, the 30,000 sqm museum’s building will comprise a circular and fragmented structure: its different pods will contain various facilities and an open public space. The structure will surround the whole area with a large steel truss system. Its upper part will serve as a fully walkable terrace.

The museum will include permanent and temporary galleries showcasing not only classic cars, but also concept and “futuristic” ones. Among other amenities will be an Edutainment (educational and entertainment) Center that features several laboratories (an innovation lab Made in Qatar; a lab dedicated to traffic safety; and a lab for mobility and sustainable energy) and a Geekdom Qatar pop culture Center. Besides, the museum will house a Technology Hub, Classic cars Restoration Centre, Cars Customization and Redesign Centre, and the Museum’s Vault of Cars. There will also be areas for children, where young guests are offered to have some fun with driving simulators and minicar mechanics and to engage in many other exciting activities.

The aqua blue Delahaye 175 S Roadster crafted in 1949 by Saoutchik with Delahaye’s limited chassis. Photo: Ali Al Anssari, courtesy of Qatar Museums, 2022.

In “A Sneak Peek at Qatar Auto Museum“, a show introducing the museum to come, Qatar Museums dedicated the Mawater Gallery at the National Museum to display vintage cars in collaboration with the Sealine Sports Club. Until January 20, 2024, one can look at 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, 1939 Pontiac Plexiglass Deluxe Six, and Delahaye 175 S Roadster.

As HE Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, Chairperson of Qatar Museums, said: “Qatar Auto Museum will [be] an innovative community hub for auto enthusiasts, students, collectors, engineers and all who appreciate the impact on our world of the emergence and evolution of the automobile.”

To learn more about the Qatar Auto Museum, please visit the project’s official web page.

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