Plans to Land Artwork by Dubai Artist Sacha Jafri on Moon
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This year, Sacha Jafri’s heart-shaped artwork, We Rise Together – with the Light of The Moon, will be sent to Moon in the first-ever art mission. Sacha Jafri is an award-winning Dubai-based artist with a proneness for breaking records. 

The artwork shows a heart with two intertwined human figures. Jafri has used an aerospace-grade aluminium gold plate as his canvas. “We’re talking – 200 degrees Celsius, so it had to be fully resilient to lunar conditions and last eternally,” said the artist.

Jafri said he created “a human heart to drive home the central theme of the mission, which is love and empathy. These emotions rise above all forms of discrimination. Our world faces four major issues. Equality for all, sustainability, education and healthcare are the four pillars that need to be strengthened to save Mother Earth.”

“Love and empathy are the key emotions that guide us. Our future is not technology, our future is human. Expression and embrace come from our new world, which is aided by technology but driven by humanity,” said Sacha Jafri.

The original work will rest in the solitude of our only satellite, emanating energy back to the earth. The landing site will become a world heritage landmark preserved forever. The artwork will be placed on the moon with the help of Selenian, a UAE-based startup specialising in the curation of art in space.

The project is a homage to NASA’s moon mission, which celebrated its golden jubilee in 2019.