Physiognomy, Land and Territory: An audio-visual experience at Louvre Abu Dhabi
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Louvre Abu Dhabi presents an audio-visual experience called Physiognomy, Land and Territory created by Emirati multidisciplinary artist Ahmad Saeed Al Areef Al Dhaheri, who was inspired by Bedouin beliefs. 

Ahmad Saeed Al Areef Al Dhaheri explores the Firasa science in his new work. The term comes from its Greek variant, physiognomy, meaning “discernment” in Arabic. It is an ancient science based on observations and intuitions in order to form an opinion. Unlike common sense, it demands a profound knowledge of our surroundings to achieve an objective and insightful understanding.

The captivating audio-visual meditation, based on Bedouin beliefs, explores various environments across multi continents with landscapes and the extra-terrestrial immensity of the starry sky. In the Arabian Peninsula, people have acquired the ability to predict the weather, evaluate new meetings and pass through desertic landscapes using only their insight, observing the nature around, and their skills to read the night skies.

Emirati artist Ahmad Saeed Al Areef Al Dhaheri has exhibited his works worldwide. He studied at the American University of Sharjah and Paris-Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi. His contemporary art is inspired by past cultures and heritages to which he attaches much significance. The artist’s works can be recognised by the historical symbols he uses. Different techniques such as kaleidoscope effects, video installation and photo manipulations are employed by the artist to express his creativity.

Visitors are welcome to experience Physiognomy, Land and Territory until May 5th, 2022. To see an online talk presented by the artist and for more information please visit