Photoshoot Manarat Al Saadiyat
Photoshoot Content Creation with Doodles at Manarat Al Saadiyat
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Until the 31st of May, the Photography Studio at Manarat Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi has been transformed with intricate doodles, a highly detailed work of art, by Emirati artist Hend Almurid. Each wall of the studio has been highlighted with a different pattern. After a close inspection of the designs, one will see that the drawings are made of abstract lines without even lifting the pen from the paper. 

Hend Almurid gives a special meaning to her artworks, they are connected to her, representing her feelings at the moment of the creation. Like a childlike imagination, the designs have no beginning or end. Some designs are in colour; however, the majority of her doodles are in black and white.

Artist Hend Almurid

The visitors of the Photography Studio at Manarat Al Saadiyat will not only learn about the work of this Emirati artist but interact with the space and enjoy the photography experience through an open-ended artwork.

The Photography Studio, Manarat Al Saadiyat, invites everyone to participate in a Doodle Weekend. On the 14th of May, a photoshoot Content Creation with Doodles will take place with Emirati photographer Nasser Haji on which guests will be able to learn about the tricks behind creating striking visual content. The visitors are the subject in this photoshoot. They will be captured in different poses wearing contrasting colours to match the colour scheme of the doodle artworks by artist Hend Almurid.

The event starts at 5pm and will last until 8pm. The price for one person is AED 30.

Nasser Haji is a UAE photographer. He has taken part in various group exhibitions such as The Competition of the Best Picture of UAE’s Environment in 2001. He holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of UAE and works as an instructor for special photography courses.