“Pathways” by Hunna Art Gallery
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Hunna Art Gallery and Raffles The Palm Dubai have collaborated to present an exclusive exhibition of four female Gulf-based artists representing the region’s shifting contemporary art scene. “Pathways” is held until March 23 at Raffles The Palm and displays the works of four artists, each praised as an emerging talent in their individual field. Eman Ali, Talin Hazbar, Alymamah Rashed, and Alia Zaal occupy a specific site of the hotel’s premises.

Contemporary gallery Hunna Art’s first physical exhibition is a deliberately thought-provoking one. “Pathways” showcases social, material, spiritual, and political research while creating a dialogue with the hotel’s architecture.

Unfolding across four distinct sections, the exhibits work in harmony with the hotel’s architecture and design and see Eman Ali, Talin Hazbar, Alymamah Rashed and Alia Zaal in a different area within the site.

“Stones in silence”. An installation of sculptures from Syrian artist Talin Hazbar.

The work of these contemporary artists differs in style, inspiration, materials and approach. Still, due to careful curation by Hunna Art, we are reminded of the importance of carving a distinct space for Gulf women within the regional and international art arena.

Exhibition opens from 27th January until 23rd of March.

For more information, please visit pathways-hunna-art-gallery