Online Masterclasses Emirati Artists
Online Masterclasses with Emirati Artists
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Inspired by artworks at Louvre Abu Dhabi, three online masterclasses with Emirati artists are available on Louvre Abu Dhabi website. Each class features an Emirati artist, interacting with art pieces from Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Permanent Collection while demonstrating a skill-based art activity. The three masterclasses are: Papermaking masterclass with Taqwa Al Naqbi, Pottery Masterclass with Shaima Ahli and Portraiture Masterclass with Saggaf Alhashmi.

From the comfort of their home, participants can engage with the museum collection through a local artist’s lens by experimenting and developing new technical skills while making their own art.

Papermaking Masterclass with Taqwa Al Naqbi

Inspired by the Qur’an, commissioned by Sultan ‘Abdullah II Al Sa’adi,  the artist shows how to make handmade paper with an aged look. Taqwa Al Naqbi comments on her art piece that she creates during the masterclass: 

“My work reflects my love of making handmade papers and experimenting and implementing its different techniques; with this artwork in particular I used the watermark technique. I wanted to hide the verse “لكم دينكم ولي دين” and use it as a hidden message so that it can only appear under the light, to reflect how this value should be within us and expressed in our daily lives and interactions with others.”

Taqwa Al Naqbi works mostly with projects that include handmade papers and mixed media. Her personal experiences influence her art. The artist has exhibited internationally and regionally.

Pottery Masterclass with Shaima Ahli 

A cooking jar with cord-patterned decoration serves as inspiration for Shaima Ahli who shows participants how to make a hand-built vase. The artist comments on her art piece: 

“I mainly use the wheel to create my pieces, but for this masterclass I wanted to reference the coiling method that was used to create the ancient jar. My vase has a rough, tactile exterior, and a mixture of different textures on its body that represents the kinetic nature of the elements.”

After learning ceramics in Montreal, Shaima Ahli returned to Dubai in 2017 where she is pursuing her own independent research in the medium. To create her potter, the artist uses wheel throwing and hand building techniques.

Shaima Ahli’s works are exhibited in some UAE restaurants and cafes such as Maisan15 in Dubai and Eggcellent in Abu Dhabi.

Portraiture Masterclass with Saggaf Alhashmi

Rembrandt’s study of the painting “The Head and Clasped Hands of a Young Man” inspired artist Saggaf Alhashmi. On this masterclass, he shows how to make a portrait using oil paints. The artist comments on the work he has created during the masterclass: 

“My concept for this artwork is to illustrate the innocence of the child within us, which is cheerful, optimistic, emotional, happy, and full of joy that spreads and adds beauty to the world.”

In the UAE and the gulf countries, self-taught artist Saggaf Alhashmi creates different art pieces such as murals and large canvas paintings. His art has been exhibited in art exhibitions and are kept in private collections and organisations.

To get more information, please visit the official website of Louvre Abu Dhabi.

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