Naeemeh Kazemi’s “La La Land” at Leila Heller Gallery
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In “La La Land”, an exhibition of Naeemeh Kazemi’s latest series of paintings, faces and hands from classical paintings peek through the vivid flora and fauna. Today’s uncertain world prompted the Iranian sculptor to create these magical canvases.

Mainly a sculptor, Naeemeh Kazemi began painting in 2020 since she could not access her studio during the pandemic. It helped her escape the quarantine confinement and transported her to fantastical places.

The resulting “La La Land” series depicts a fantasia of an imagined refuge crowded with tropical foliage and flowers, tentacled creatures, and all kinds of fungi with pleasurable maximalism.

Living in Iran, Naeemeh Kazemi Kazemi expresses her ideas through symbols in her art. Her work strives to reflect her continuous state of questioning, anxiety, and interrogation with herself. The artist says, “tense dreamy moments occur, which rushes blood to my cheeks.” We can see these feelings in the flourishing flora and fauna and bright, stunning colours in her art. But then, “a moment later, silent, unsure, tired, and depressed.” Hidden eyes, floating hands, and plants tangled in a web all express these ideas.

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