Open-air Historical Museum, The Hatta Heritage Village in Dubai
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Hatta Heritage Village is one such site that gives you a glimpse of Emirati traditions and culture. Not to forget to visit one of the most authentic destinations from Dubai.

The Hatta Heritage Village is an open-air historical and ethnographic museum dedicated to the life of the local population before the moment when oil fields were found in the desert. In the heritage village, visitors get acquainted with the local traditions, professions, crafts, life and culture of the Emirate of Dubai.

The village of Hatta is about 10 hectares. It is called a small oasis, located among the desert hills, basalt mountains and on the west bank of the Dubai Creek, a natural water arm that stretches inland from the Persian Gulf. 

The first dwellings of fishermen and pearl seekers appeared long ago on the banks of Dubai Creek. A complex system of water supply from a special reservoir and cave water pipelines laid inside the rocks allowed its inhabitants not only to survive in dry years but also to create green corners of nature even in those places where previously there was only desert.

Most of the village huts belonged to the Bedouin who previously lived in the region. On the territory of Hatta, visitors can find almost hundred-year-old houses made of hewn stone, structures located between the high walls of multi-meter rocks, and ancient fortresses topped with huge windows and domes.

Almost every stone house has a small terrace that serves the inhabitants of Hatta as a garden plot or vegetable garden, and near the town, there are sandy fields with palm trees and other plants sprouting on them.

The Arabian Heritage Historical Museum opened in 1997 on the initiative of the Emirati government and has been one of Dubai’s most visited attractions ever since.

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