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“More Than Human”: Workshops by Alserkal Avenue
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Alserkal Avenue invites everyone to take part in its summer program 2022 “More Than Human”. Its main topic is the question “How are human lives entangled with the lives of other beings?”, so visitors are welcome to try answering it, participating in art workshops, discussions, films screening and admiring installations featured in the program.

The program is divided into 3 parts: 

UNDER-GROUND is dedicated to invisible networks — from underground fungi to human connections.

GROUND is about how humans, being united with other creatures by the common physical ground under feet, find their own expression on the earth’s surface.

In the third part, BEYOND-GROUND, a discussion will be held on the topic of how we are engaged with fiction and alternate narratives — how we use it to cope with life by attempting to move beyond it. 

From August 20 until August 21, within the GROUND part of the program, the following workshops will be held:

making room

In this workshop, one will explore what shapes our relationship with different kinds of spaces: liminal ones, our homes, etc. Using various images and found objects to create a collage, participants will be able to visually express what can’t be conveyed with words.


Shama Nair – a researcher based in Dubai. Her interest lies between urbanity and visual culture: she investigates the different layers of our relationship with a metropolis.

Zawyeh Gallery – a Visual Art Gallery founded in Ramallah, Palestine, in 2013. It promotes Palestinian artists through thematic exhibition and participation in international art events. 

Moving Mountains

Being guided by sound artist Safeya Alblooshi who collaborates with the clinic “Joint Space”, participants will concentrate on the physical sensation of the ground through movement and with audio and live sound-mixing as background.


Safeya Alblooshi – a musician and an artist living in Abu Dhabi; among her art interests are participatory performance and sound experiments.

Joint Space – a therapy clinic, movement space and educational hub based in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. 

Sun + Water + Time

This workshop offers one an opportunity to create an artwork using the cyanotype technique, a photographic printing process invented in 1842. Thus, participants will be able to reflect on what was left behind by humans, in the pre-digital world. 

The process will include composing images using organic elements — flowers and petals, exposing the chemical-infused paper using UV sun rays, curing artworks and fixing them with water.


Gulf Photo Plus – Dubai’s center for photography. Apart from providing state-of-the-art printing services, it holds workshops for photographers and free artist talks.

Âme Artistic Studio – a flower shop; being a part of the Alserkal artist community, Âme supports local artists, innovators and influencers by providing a platform that showcases their talents.

To register and get more information, please visit the official web page of Alserkal Avenue’s summer program.

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