Mike Arnold’s “Odyssey” at Mesteria Gallery
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At Mesteria Gallery, Dubai-based artist Mike Arnold presents his latest exhibition, “Odyssey”, which is now running until March 27th, 2022. Done in his distinctive impressionist style, the artist’s new collection “Odyssey” investigates his experiences in the country and the physical and spiritual journey that we all take through life. 

In “Odyssey”, Mike Arnold chases the light and energy of the UAE. He paints monochromatic scenes inspired by a deep connection to the UAE’s richness – its history, people, and dramatic natural environment.

The exhibition features original Monochromic Paintings and an exciting launch of brand new limited edition prints. Painted with a palette knife, the artworks are incredibly striking, black on white with the occasional flourish of gold leaf. Mike Arnold uses the canvas to interpret the atmosphere of life’s experiences and journeys in the Emirates.

“My art is an expression of my spirit as well as the energy I see in other people, horses, or buildings. I have always been intrigued by their eyes, and I see their ability to capture light as something I aspire to with my work. I choose to paint horses because I am very interested in form, anatomy, and muscular structure, and there is something truly majestic about them, so full of power and energy,”- said artist.

There is no overriding theme to his work other than a life-long passion dedicated to light. His attempt to chase and capture light is what marries all his work and within that search, Arnold attempts to convey emotion to his viewers.

Mike Arnold’s works are found in the collections of famous Middle East art collectors, including members of the royal families, and in collections across the US and Europe.