Massive Bottle-cap Tapestries at Efie Gallery
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Renowned contemporary artist El Anatsui’s first major solo exhibition in Dubai is now held at Efie Gallery until May 31st, 2022. The art space presents a selection of the Ghana-native’s signature metal sculptures, made with bottle caps, tin cans and other metals connected by copper wire.

“Shard Song” shows a new series of wood panel sculptures that are reminiscent of El Anatsui’s prevalent style of the late 80’s and the 90’s and the evolution of his work into what he is now most well known for, the massive bottle-cap tapestries.

“The term ‘shard’ goes back to the fundamental unit in El Anatsui’s work – the broken fragment of the ceramic pot, the bit, or piece –that has undergone a process of rupture and division. But “shard” here, communicates the quality and potential of the broken piece – of something that’s edges are left bare; exposed but ultimately, ‘free’. Shard also brings with it a degree of lifeforce within the small-scale of the fragment”, says exhibition curator Mae-Ling Lokko.

‘Profile of a Country’ is made with white and green medical bottle caps and sutured together with wire

Contemporary art gallery Efie Gallery is focusing on West African art. Both mid-career and established artists are represented in the gallery, which supports the sharing of their works in the Middle East by creating a platform for collaboration and exchange between the two regions.