Lament tree Iqra Tanveer
Lament of a tree by Iqra Tanveer
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Pakistani artist Iqra Tanveer presents her solo show Lament of a tree which is taking place at the Grey Noise gallery in Dubai. The exhibition, through the 20th of April, 2024, resounds to a collective grief, a memory held through incessant incantations. Through her poetic works on view, the artist seeks to evoke an active state of remembrance, resonating with a past anchored in the present.

Among the exhibited artworks is the Witness to the passing breaths installation (2023): a looping video of ocean waves is projected onto LaserJet prints of the sky and a cave. Another work on display is Arrival, an installation comprising video footage of a ship at sea projected onto a vintage wood and fabric screen; it also includes a line of sea salt that embodies a beach. Visitors can also have a look at Tanveer’s installation Chants (2024). It presents photo triptychs of diverse natural and domestic objects (plants, waves, hand mirrors, stone fountains, etc.) in angled wooden vitrines.

Iqra Tanveer, Chants, 2024. Photo on silver gelatin paper (10 × 15 cm. / 15 × 10 cm. each),
mount board with text engraving (28.5 × 55 cm. each).
Edition 1/3.

About the artist

Iqra Tanveer (b. 1983, Karachi, Pakistan) resides in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). In 2007, she earned a BFA from the University of Karachi, where she studied at the Department of Visual Studies. In 2009, Tanveer received a post-graduate diploma in Art Education from the School of Visual Arts (Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan).

Tanveer employs video, photography, and various objects (including such natural elements as water, light, and air) to create abstract art pieces. Through them, she complicates the relationship between human perception and reality. Magically rearranged, her installations reveal the many unknown galaxies spiralling and engulfing the viewer.

Iqra Tanveer, Lament of a tree (installation view). Grey Noise, Dubai, 2024.

The artist has displayed her creations in four solo exhibitions: Letters from the Seventh Cave (Grey Noise, Dubai, 2019); Light of a Distant Day (Grey Noise, Dubai, 2014); Between Earth and Sky (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia, 2013); and A Matter of Perception (Rohtas 2, Lahore, 2011). She has also participated in such group shows as Deeper Within Its Silence (Devi Art Foundation, Delhi, India, 2019); In Nachtlandschapen (Museum Ijsselstien, Ijsselstien, Netherlands, 2018); Within | Without (Indigo + Madder, London, UK, 2018); Conceiving space (Colombo art Biennale, Colombo, Sri-Lanka, 2016); Under A Tinsel Sun (III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Moscow, 2012); and many others.

Iqra Tanveer, Lament of a tree (installation view). Grey Noise, Dubai, 2024.

The list of residences Tanveer has undertaken includes Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (Amsterdam, 2016-2017) and International Artists’ Residency (Britto Arts Trust, Bangladesh, 2011), among others. She is also a recipient of several grants and fellowships. For example, in 2017, she became the Winner of the III Moscow International Biennale for Young Art.

To learn more about Lament of a tree, please visit the official web page of the show.

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