La Perle by Dragone in Dubai
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To describe it best — La Perle is all about Dubai, a city known for its desert safaris, skyscrapers and futuristic outlook, but also for the respect and revere it shows for its traditional past. La Perle is the first-of-its-kind resident show to be hosted anywhere in the MENA region.With the unique water stage, hypnotic light shows and giant golden puppets, every performance is designed to leave a lasting impression on the audience.
The La Perle show Dubai features a first-of-its-kind aqua theatre. The stage can transform from a dry to wet setting almost instantly. There are cascading waterfalls and an on-stage pool in the centre of the auditorium, which is the show’s focal point.
Another highlight of this extraordinary theatre is that every part becomes a screen from seats to walls, floors and even the building’s dome. These elements come together to create an atmosphere that can transform from a magical rainforest to a throne room within seconds.

La Perle by Dragone in Dubai is the brainchild of producer and legendary creative director Franco Dragone – known for theatrical masterpieces like Cirque du Soleil. Brought to Dubai by the Al Habtoor Group, this amazing show is a visual masterpiece of immersive artistic performances, technology and imagery.

La Perle is influenced by Dubai’s rich culture, vibrant present and aspirational future, which is brought to life by awe-inspiring stunts and special effects – are just some of the magical experiences you’ll enjoy at La Perle Dubai.
Acrobatic performances packed with incredible stunts, beautiful dances, mesmerising light shows and exquisite music will leave viewers speechless.

Dates: From January 2022 – April 2022
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