Kemal Yazici Bedia Gallery
Kemal Yazici at Bedia Gallery
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Bedia Gallery in Dubai offers everyone to admire the artworks of Kemal Yazici, a contemporary abstract artist who founded this art gallery and studio.

To create his striking paintings, Yazici uses various tools (squeegees, spatulas, acrylic and metal tools, etc.) which include self-made ones. He spreads acrylic paint and oil on stretched canvas and uses his pressure coordinated techniques: counter pressure lets him feel the effect when he applies a large amount of paint before scraping or spreading it or adding more. Paying particular attention to details, he layers bold vibrant colours on a canvas and creates different textures, exploring unexpected harmonious structures and geometric and organic shapes. The artist says that layering is a huge part of his art making process. “I don’t know what the final piece may look like,” he adds. “You can’t predict life or art, but that’s what makes it fun.”

Kemal Yazici, Changing World. Acrylic on Canvas. 100 W x 70 H x 3.5 D cm

Yazici’s art reflects different experiences in his life, as he lived in several countries, became a part of various cultures, and worked in different fields. Among the sources of the Yazici’s inspiration are travelling, nature, city skylines, and the art of Gerhard Richter. The artist is also heavily inspired by the sea: one of the main themes in his art is the rhythmic movement of water. In his art pieces, he skillfully captures it as it swirls through light and shadow, reflecting the blue skies above.

The paintings made by Yazici invite viewers to go on a journey of self-discovery and challenge their notions about our world. Speaking about his art, Yazici says: “[…] I want to give people a moment of calm. I want them to look at my work and let go of their worries.”

About the artist

Kemal Yazici, an award-winning artist who resides in Dubai, the UAE, was born in the Aegean Region, Turkey; later he moved to Germany with his parents, where they lived in a village. When Yazici was 16, he began training in a metal branch and received a certificate in craftsmanship. While being in Germany, he studied architecture, at the same time learning about abstract painting techniques. After becoming a successful architect, Yazici came back to Turkey in 2004 and started his own business in construction.

Kemal Yazici, Five Fisher. Acrylic on Canvas. 100 W x 100 H x 3.5 D cm

Art has always been Yazici’s passion. When he was 20, he started painting for himself, drawing his inspiration from the artworks of Gerhard Richter, a German abstract artist. In 2014, Yazici moved to Dubai; in 2022, he opened Bedia Gallery. Art became something he dedicated his life to.

To get more information about the exhibition and the gallery, please visit its official website.

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