Kanvas: Black and White by Project22
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Kanvas, an event and art space in Dubai, is hosting the Black and White show by Project22. It gives one an exciting opportunity to see more than 20 artworks by contemporary digital artists from different countries. The exhibition is free to attend and will be open to the public until 22 August 2023.

Project22 is an international curatorial project connecting digital artists with physical galleries and introducing the digital art industry to a wide audience. Every month, the project selects 22 digital artists and displays their art pieces in galleries and other spaces in cities around the world on the 22nd of each month. This time, the show organised by the project pays tribute to the origins of black and white photography and cinema. In their hypnotising works on view, which are characterised by a limited colour palette, the participating artists build a metaphorical bridge between the past and the future, while expressing their ideas and telling a story.

The list of those who are participating in the exhibition includes:

1. Leonardo Fornasa, an experimental digital artist. In his work, he attempts to answer the question “What can our life look like in different unusual forms?”.

2. Ronen Tanchum, an artist, developer, and an interaction designer who examines the relationship between nature and technology in his art.

3. Samson Wong, a digital artist known for creating visuals for such films as The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Transformers, and Twilight.

4. Chris May, a multimedia artist and composer from Denver, USA. His digital landscapes engage the viewers’ senses and invite them to get lost in his technicolour worlds.

5. Tim Maxwell, a draughtsman and digital artist from New York City, USA. His graphic drawings are inspired by Celtic manuscripts, mediaeval depictions of the Last Judgement, geometry, and human ornamentation.

Spiraling Confluence of Indifference by Tim Maxwell.

6. Sweet to Sour, a Mexican 3D artist who creates surrealistic dark animations with a touch of dreamy delightful brightness.

7. Ahmed Muntasir (Ragenfection), an art director and visual artist from Canada. Drawing inspiration from dreams, reality, and the universe, his surrealist artworks explore the interplay between human emotions, time, and space.

8. Nate Hill, a digital artist and photographer from Melbourne, Australia, whose art is deeply influenced by music. He works with bands and artists, creating visuals for their music.

9. Morpho, a Spanish 3D artist who is well-known for his dark, atmospheric renders and innovative use of technology in his art.

Studio 2505 by Morpho.

10. Melkio, an Italian artist working both with physical and digital mediums. In his artworks, he delves into various concepts, from social topics to sci-fi, which are translated in a childhood inspiration.

11. Matthieu Martin, a French 3D artist from Paris who is fascinated with dystopian future and fashion.

12. Marco Mori, a freelance 3D artist from Germany creating provocative caricatures and witty animations.

13. Lele Gastini, a freelance illustrator from Alessandria, Italy. Working in black and white, he likes to imagine possible and impossible worlds.

14. Kim Asendorf, a conceptual and digital artist from Germany. He creates abstract visual systems which are conceptually set and realised in algorithms.

15. Jorge Bandera, an emerging Columbian digital artist and designer. He is interested in the dialogue between scientific processes, the expanded audiovisual and code writing as part of the art making process.

Espacio Artificial 5 by Jorge Bandera.

16. Jonas Pfeifer (jopfe), a visual artist from Hamburg, Germany, who focuses on 3D and motion design. His images often depict a contrast between weird alienating atmospheres and organic human shapes.

17. Hilary Campilan, an Australian content director. Using AI, she makes short music videos for dancers and musicians.

18. Hamidreza Shirazian, a 3D artist who visualises the future involving good scenarios instead of postapocalyptic horror.

19. Fictoris, a multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico. In his work, he combines the digital and real world.

El Еoro by Fictoris.

20. Cem Hasimi, an artist and art director from London whose mesmerising animations stir deep emotions.

21. Cameron Burns (Captvart), a freelance 3D artist from Mesa, Arizona, USA. He specialises in creating album covers and animation.

22. Annibale Siconolfi (Inward), an Italian artist and architect. Inspired by his Architecture studies and the love for cyberpunk and sci-fi films, he creates detailed futuristic cities and landscapes.

To learn more about the Black and White exhibition, please visit its official web page.

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