Jason Boyd Kinsella Exhibition “Mentalverse”
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Another event which is taking place in ICD Brookfield Place is the exhibition of Jason Boyd Kinsella “Mentalverse”, presented by Perrotin. The show will last until the 28th of January, 2023. Kinsella’s exhibition is going along with the first Group exhibition at Perrotin in Dubai in the new 100-square-metre space in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Kinsella presents 14 new works – paintings and portrait’s sculptures. Jason is exploring our internal feelings through our external appearance.

In a video promoting his first solo exhibition at “Unit” London in 2021, Kinsella says: “The idea of psychological portraiture is central […] I gravitate to geometric blocks because they are the simplest and most honest forms of expression that enable me to see a person without distractions. There’s nowhere to hide”. The artist wishes to convey the complexity of human emotions using geometric shapes as building blocks.

Jason Boyd Kinsella, Leo (pairing), 2022. Painting: Acrylic and oil on canvas / Sculpture: Polystone, aluminium and mix media with paint. Painting: 185 × 155 cm | 72 13/16 × 61 1/16 inch. Overall sculpture: 191 × 160.4 × 113 cm | 75 3/16 × 63 1/8 × 44 1/2 inch. Sculpture: 121 × 92 × 53 cm | 47 5/8 × 36 1/4 × 20 7/8 inch. Sculpture pedestal: 70 × 68.4 × 60 cm | 27 9/16 × 26 15/16 × 23 5/8 inch. Photo: Altamash Urooj. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin

Kinsella speaks about a wide range of influences on his work: cubism from Picasso, body shapes from Henry Moore, colours from Vermeer and shadows from Caravaggio. Some of the critics even linked him to Magritte and George Condo.

As a starting point for his investigations Kinsella names the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This indicator is a personality test that determines one’s correspondence with characteristics like introversion, intuition, emotion, and perception. “Archetypes themselves are like vessels. It’s our experiences that fill them up and make us individual”, says the artist.

View of Jason Boyd Kinsella’s exhibition “Mentalverse” at Perrotin Dubai, ICD Brookfield Place, DIFC Dubai 2022. Photo: Altamash Urooj. Courtesy of the artist and Perrotin

Kinsella starts with drawings in his sketchbook. Some of the sketches are transferred to his computer through iPhone snapshots. He edits snapshots and gives them colour. At the last stage Kinsella transfers images to canvas and paints them.

“Everything has happened in a really compressed two-and-a-half-year period from when I posted my work on Instagram to where we are now […]  I feel fortunate. The universe sometimes speaks to you and says, «It’s going pretty good»”, the artist said.

One can learn more about the artist and the exhibition on the official website of Perrotin. You can also visit the show’s web page on Ocula and the artist’s web page on Artsy.