Intersections Cosmos Yoshihiko Tsutsumi
Intersections of Cosmos by Yoshihiko Tsutsumi
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XVA Gallery in Dubai is hosting Intersections of Cosmos, the solo show by Japanese artist Yoshihiko Tsutsumi. His art pieces present a hypnotising dance between macrocosmic expanses and microscopic intricacies, revealing a world where lines and colours converge. The exhibition will be open to the public until the 9th of January, 2024.

Influenced by the atmosphere of his uncle’s cinema billboard painting atelier in Kumamoto (Japan), Tsutsumi is inspired by the interplay of colours and dripping marks on the studio floor. The memories of classic monochrome movies to contemporary films the artist experienced in his youth contribute to the nuanced layers and depth of his work.

Among the artist’s most notable artworks are those drawn with a white pencil over a black painted canvas and vice versa, created using a graphite pencil over a white surface. This series of monochromatic and 2D drawings presents art which leaves out “traces” of the sequence of “actions” of over-layering the dots. Seemingly abstract, the works reflect the architectural process in which elements are plotted and then constructed.

Yoshihiko Tsutsumi, Fragment, 2015. Pencil on painted paper. 17 x 22 cm

About the artist

Yoshihiko Tsutsumi (b. 1964, Kumamoto, Japan) is an artist, graphic designer, gallerist, and art director residing in Tokyo. In addition, he is an antique dealer who specialises in works from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. Tsutsumi has worked with multiple entertainment companies in such areas as Roppongi, Shinjuku, and Shibuya in Tokyo; he has also started working as a graphic designer for the Japanese Government’s related organisation. 

The artist’s diverse practice deploys painting, ready-made pieces using antique objects, installation, and woodcarving. The materials and mediums he uses to produce his artworks include paper, vinyl, wood, leather, plaster, paints, pencils, and chalk. Recently, Tsutsumi’s work has also incorporated creating large-scale live paintings. Engaging with public audiences, he transforms the canvas in response to the surrounding atmosphere and conversations. The resulting art pieces embody a unique world shaped by the collective energy of the moment. 

Yoshihiko Tsutsumi, Specimen, 2015. Mixed media. 27 x 3 x 20 cm

Tsutsumi has displayed his creations in many solo exhibitions and held numerous live painting sessions at different venues which include Terrada-G1 (Tokyo), B&C HALL (Tokyo), Hankyu Men’s Tokyo, Matsuya Ginza (Tokyo), and even the Tsukiji Hongwanji Buddhist temple (Tokyo), to mention a few. The artist has also showcased his impressive art piece SAMSARA (an enormous (11 x 5 m) painted canvas made from leather) at the Ueno Royal Museum of Art (Tokyo). Besides, his collection of works linking oil painting and wood carving was on view at the Nerima Art Museum (Tokyo).

To get more information about Intersections of Cosmos, please visit the exhibition’s official web page.

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