Group Exhibition Philosophy of Food at Tashkeel Gallery
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The exhibition “Philosophy of Food” focuses on the implications of our eating choices, reflecting on the social, ethical, political and artistic aspects of food. 

Thirty-eight various artists and designers living and working in the UAE have submitted artworks and design pieces in all mediums that explored issues around the philosophy of food through a wide range of interpretations.

Today’s sustainable food movement is global. It requires us to be more reflective on food, our values and choices, living by principles based on the importance of science, the recognition of restriction and the need for wholesome sustenance.

Artist Graciela Noemi Ghiradosi’s artpiece Wake Up has been made of used coffee capsules encased in resin. “The message is what the title of the artwork literally says. Let’s wake up and try to do something,” she says. “I love drinking coffee in the morning but let’s find a way to do it without damaging the planet more, without producing more plastic.”

Ghalia Kalaji’s Feast II is part of a series of silkscreens presenting familial side of food. “I tried to show what food means to me,” Kalaji says. “I immediately think of family and friends around a table, staying for hours laughing and talking. It’s the power of food to bring people together.”

Besides the exhibition, Tashkeel Gallery is hosting a range of workshops, talks and guided tours around the theme Philosophy of Food. The events include an examination on sustainable package design, as well as a talk by interdisciplinary designer Charlotte McCurdy, looking at the issue of climate change through the lens of a designer.

upcoming Talks

Tuesday, 12 April, 8-9.30pm
Tashkeel Talk: Climate of Design – Design of Climate.

Pioneering interdisciplinary designer Charlotte McCurdy looks at the process behind her award-winning project “After Ancient Sunlight” and the material innovation in carbon-negative textiles that emerged. Her work, which investigates climate change through a designer’s eye, points a way to a vibrant future where we have the opportunity to reverse climate change.

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Abir Tabbarah
  • Alexandra Conil-Lacoste
  • Andrea Salerno J. & Meru
  • Avantika Bedi
  • Aya Afaneh
  • Behnoosh Feiz
  • Bhargav Chandrasekar
  • Canay Itez
  • Chie Nakano
  • Debjani Bhardwaj & Mohammed Al Attar
  • Elham Shafaei
  • Ghalia Kalaji
  • Gomathi Sivasubramanian
  • Graciela Noemi Ghiradosi
  • Hoda Gharib
  • Imran Liyakhath Ali Khan
  • Isabela Tavares
  • Ji-hye Kim
  • Khanjan Soni
  • Lena Obaid & Abdullah Al Saadi
  • Liudmila Panenkova
  • Mahima Aswani
  • Maria Angelica Garcia Fernandez
  • Narimene Hakimi
  • Perry Al Ashmawi
  • Sahar Bonyanpour
  • Shaun Stamp
  • Shrutika Gosavi
  • Solimar Miller
  • Sonu Sultania
  • Tanishka Sharma
  • Tilika D’Souza
  • Turkan Umit Sule
  • Valia Abou Al Fadel
  • Yaarop Tallaa
  • Yosra Emamizadeh
  • Zuhoor Al Sayegh