Grey Noise Ismail Bahri
Grey Noise: Ismail Bahri’s Exhibition “Films”
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The Grey Noise gallery presents the exhibition of visual artist and experimental filmmaker Ismail Bahri. The exhibition opened in November; the last day of the show will be the 3d of January 2023. Visitors have the last chance to see Bahri’s works, which he describes “as visual experiments that take varying forms: drawings, videos, photographs, installations and hybrids of these.”

Ismaïl Bahri, Recordings. Courtesy: the artist; Grey Noise, Dubai, 2022. Photo: Daniella Baptista

His exhibition “Films” consists of an artist’s experiments in drawing, photographs and videos, which are short in duration, small in scale and sometimes do not have good visibility or resolution. They are a set of observations or note-taking from everyday interaction and behaviour. Bahri calls them a “capture device to record common gestures”. Ismail likes slow movements – they are the kind of recordings that capture the essence of space and time. He puts things in motion, transforms them, sometimes ruins them and records all those developments.

“Placing a sheet of paper that flaps in the wind, in front of his camera lens; slowing the fall of water droplets by having them slide down a thread; observing the reflected image of a city in a glass of ink held in your hand as you walk – Ismail Bahri performs elementary, empirical gestures, paying attention to ‘what happens’”, François Piron writes in Bahri’s bio.

Ismaïl Bahri, Recordings. Courtesy: the artist; Grey Noise, Dubai, 2022. Photo: Daniella Baptista

The presentation at Grey Noise also shows Bahri’s experiments with photosensitive surfaces and moving images.

Ismail Bahri studied art at Tunis Institute of Fine Art (1996-2000) and at Sorbonne, Paris 1, where he received both a master’s degree in 2002 and PhD in 2006. His film Foyer (2016) was in the Bright Future Short Competition at IFFR. His other films have been selected at international film festivals in Toronto, New York and Marseille.  Some of those films are: Dénouement (2011), Attraction (2011), Ligne (2011), Film (2012), Orientations (2012), Foyer (2016, doc), Sondes (2017), Apparition (2019)

At the moment Ismail Bahri lives and works between Paris and Tunis.

To get more information about the Films exhibition, please visit its official web page.

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