Global Art Forum: “Predicting the Present”
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The 16th edition of Art Dubai will take place in March 2023. As a part of Art Dubai fair, the Global Art Forum, which is the largest annual arts conference in the Middle East and Asia, will play an important role in the event. The Global Art Forum is a transdisciplinary conference commissioned by Shumon Basar. It takes place every year and features live talks, panel discussions and performances. Regional and international leaders in the art industry, artists, curators, writers will explore current and future challenges and opportunities and discuss the intersection of art and technology.

As a tradition, the Forum every year has a theme. The title of 2018, for instance, was “I Am Not a Robot”, focusing on the theme of power, potentials and danger of automation. The theme of 2019 was “The School is a Factory?”. The conference of 2022 was entitled “This is the Picture” and examined the worlds of digital artefacts and crypto economies.

In 2023 the Global Art Forum is called “Predicting the Present”. The main topic of the panel discussions will be “If it’s the end of history and the end of the future, what happens next?”. This edition of the Forum invites artists, curators, creators, thinkers and technologists to explore this topic and to find navigation tools for our uncertain times. These lectures, discussions and conversations will be in the form of in-situ sessions or as live video appearances.

Art Dubai’s executive director Benedetta Ghione says the event will work to ‘reframe what an art fair can be’. In the interview to “The National” Ghione adds: “This year’s expanded programme fully reflects our role as a meeting point for the region’s creative industries, both commercial and not-for-profit. As an innovative public-private partnership, we have been an incubator of talent, a catalyst for the creative economy here in Dubai, a convener of great minds, and an entry point to this vibrant ecosystem for the wider cultural sector.”

Global Art Forum will be held on the 3rd and 4th of March, 2023 at Art Dubai.

Visitors can find more information about the Forum and the programme of the conference on its official web page.

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