Frozen Time Diane Tuft
Frozen In Time by Diane Tuft
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Leila Heller Gallery is hosting Frozen In Time, a show featuring American mixed-media artist and photographer Diane Tuft’s breathtaking photographs. Depicting the beauty of the Earth, they simultaneously demonstrate the environmental crisis it is facing. The exhibition will be on display until the 31st of December, 2023.  

By going to the most remote places, Tuft has been documenting the visual effects of climate change on our planet. She focuses on the harmful impact of ozone depletion and global warming as they are accelerating UV and infrared radiation absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere. They are invisible to the human eye but can be captured by digital image sensors and certain types of film. Tuft explores UV and infrared light in those geographic regions where they are most prevalent: the Great Salt Lake, Iceland, Greenland, Tunisia, New Zealand, Antarctica, and the Arctic, which is melting dangerously fast. 

Diane Tuft, Seascape, Greenland Ice Sheet, 2016. Pigment Print. 122 x 162.7 cm. Edition 2/5.

Tuft has documented the Arctic’s beauty and fragility in her photo series The Arctic Melt: Images of a Disappearing Landscape. During the summers of 2015 and 2016, she travelled to the mountain glaciers of Svalbard (Norway), the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice, and the icebergs and ice sheets of Greenland. Another Tuft’s photo series, Gondwana: Images of an Ancient Land, was a result of her travelling to Antarctica, where she stayed for six weeks. A grant from the National Science Foundation she received in 2012 made it possible. Portraying Antarctica’s dramatic natural landscape, the resulting photos are visual and scientific studies. They foreground the subtle yet violent atmospheric changes registered on the Antarctic landscape. 

About the photographer

Diane Tuft (b. 1947, Connecticut, USA) resides in New York City. In 1969, she graduated from the University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT) with a BA in Mathematics. After that, Tuft moved to New York City, where she studied photography at The New School and the International Center of Photography. She also studied at Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NY), from which she graduated in 1989. Apart from being a photographer, Tuft is also a director and producer of many short films. 

Diane Tuft, Amidst the Icebergs, Disko Bay, Greenland, 9:20 PM. 2015-2016. Pigment Print.

The photographer has displayed her works in numerous solo and group exhibitions such as Frozen In Time (Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow (MAMM), Moscow, Russia, 2019); The Arctic Melt (National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., USA, 2017); Salt Lake Reconsidered (Quogue Gallery, Quogue, New York, USA, 2016); A Measure of Salt: Contemporary Artists Engaging Great Salt Lake (Granary Art Center, Ephraim, Utah, USA, 2015); Land-Sea-Sky (Liman Studio Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida, USA, 2006); and others. Tuft’s photographs have been featured in many public and private collections: the Whitney Museum of American Art (New York), the International Center of Photography (New York), and the Parrish Art Museum (New York), to name a few. 

To learn more about Frozen In Time, please visit the exhibition’s official web page.

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