Fire Station Wifaq Malath
Fire Station and Wifaq: Al Malath Exhibition
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The Family Consulting Centre (Wifaq), in collaboration with the Fire Station: Artist in Residence of the Qatar Museums and Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, has organised the Al Malath exhibition, which is a result of an eponymous artistic awareness initiative launched by Wifaq. On view at Gallery 45, Katara, the Al Malath show will be open to the public until the 10th of June, 2024.

Al Malath, meaning “sanctuary,” refers to a sense of comfort, safety, and protection, both physically and morally. The initiative includes a series of meetings and workshops to educate society on the significance of family cohesion and the impacts that divorce has on the family. To raise community awareness innovatively, the Wifaq Centre inspires artists to create works that reflect their views on the issue, and that is how the Al Malath exhibition was conceived.

Accompanied by a range of different activities, the show aims to address the issue of divorce and family separation as well as draw attention to mitigating the negative effects of divorce on parents and especially their children. It also focuses on strengthening the factors that help ensure the successful upbringing of children post-divorce.

The exhibit presents more than 80 diverse art pieces (paintings, sculptures, photographic works, and others) produced by Qatari creatives and residents of Qatar who decided to contribute to the Al Malath initiative. The showcased works demonstrate the sincerity of their creators’ ideas, feelings, experiences, and belief in the importance of family cohesion in the community.

To get more information about the Al Malath exhibition, please visit the official web page of the event.

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