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Fahd Burki’s Daydreams at Jameel Arts Centre
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Until the 9th of October, 2022, Jameel Arts Centre offers you an opportunity to attend the free intriguing exhibition titled Daydreams by Fahd Burki. It features the artworks, not only paintings, but also sculptures, which were created by the artist in the past fifteen years. The exhibition is accompanied by texts written by Murtaza Vali, Saira Ansari and Dawn Ross.

Fahd Burki, “Beach”, 2021, acrylics on canvas, 84 x 64 x 3 cm

Fahd Burki finds his inspiration in numerous things: architecture, pop culture, especially comics and graphic novels, and others. What he used at the beginning of his art journey was flat colours, symbols and shapes; there are odd machinery and unusual figures in the early paintings. However, Burki’s practice has changed. The base of his later artworks are lines, geometric forms, grids and blank spaces. Making his minimalist art pieces now, Burki questions the formal concept of painting itself. The works displayed at the Daydreams exhibition are arranged in such an order so one can see how Burki’s art, which was focused on figuration, has shifted onto abstraction over the years.

Fahd Burki, “Night Walk”, 2013, screen print on paper, 112.5 на 76.5 cm

“It’s not enough to say that Fahd Burki’s work has evolved over the years — his shifting practice seems to be in a perpetual process of subtraction. What began as a turn towards abstraction […] has moved to […] a spare approach to pictorial space stripped of all ornament”, says an independent arts writer and researcher Nadine Khalil, describing Burki’s art.

Fahd Burki (born in 1981) is a Pakistani Asian Modern & Contemporary artist, who lives in Lahore. He is an alumnus of the National College of Arts, Lahore (2003) and the Royal Academy Schools (2010). His works have been exhibited at various international art fairs, galleries, and institutions, including National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, 2016; Dhaka Art Summit, 2016 and others.

To get more information about the exhibition, please visit its official webpage.

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