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Face to Face Exhibition at Oblong Contemporary Gallery
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The group exhibition Face to Face is now held in Oblong Contemporary Gallery in Dubai. It will be open to viewers until July 30th, 2022. Creative expressions of artists, who are all different in their style and techniques, are reunited at this exhibition sharing one specific common factor: the representation of the face. Portraits, looks, representations and homages to stars of the cinema by such artists as Manu Alguerò, Valerie Breuleux, Gavin Rain, Yinon Gal-On, Flavio Lucchini, Antonio Nocera, Serero Pop Art, Paolo Vegas, Youn Kyoung Cho, Igor Mitoraj, and Jiménez Deredia are presented here.

Spanish artist Manu Alguerò works with many forms of art united by the theme of explosion art. His paintings, sculptures, and dresses all have a vibrant technique that the artist has created.

Manu Algueró, “Que Estas Deciendo?”, 2021. Painting with explosion, acrylic on canvas. 43 3/10 × 23 3/5 in 110 × 60 cm

French painter and photographer Valérie Breuleux trained at Villa Arson in the 1980s. She participated in many exhibitions and received the Monaco international prize of plastic art from UNESCO in 2005.

Gavin Rain is a contemporary South African artist. He primarily works in acrylic, and is best known for his Neo-Pointillist style paintings.

Israeli photographer Yinon Gal-On investigates the space between Physical presence and the Metaphysical, between the Breath and the Soul. Using his camera underwater, Yinon Gal-On tries to capture the deepest thoughts, memories, pain and pleasure.

Italian artist Flavio Lucchini focuses his art on the female dress, metaphor of the new values of contemporary society and the mythology of the image. With paintings, sculptures, bas-reliefs, digital-art and different techniques, Flavio Lucchini celebrates the essence of the dresses, with all the ethical and aesthetic implications.

Another Italian artist Antonio Nocera works with various mediums such as painting, sculpture and installations. He draws inspiration from myths, legends, fables and sacred texts, focusing on key aspects concerning the whole of humanity, from the right to freedom and housing, to the need for justice and spirituality.

mona lisa parody
Gavin Rain, “Mona Lisa”. Acrylic on canvas 60 x 40 cm

French artist Serero Pop Art works with digital reworkings, enriched through the use of resin, beads, sequins, sapphires, diamonds, rubies, acrylics and enamels.

Paolo Vegas is an Italian artist specialising in fashion photography. Vegas’s artistic style is “Progetto clonazioni” consisting of an image where the same subject is portrayed at least twice, creating real clones.

Youn Kyoung Cho works in a range of contrasting materials including resin, terracotta and bronze. Ranging from miniature to gigantic proportions, her works are inspired by Ben, Arman, Sosno and Niki de St. Phalle. 

Igor Mitoraj was a Polish artist and sculptor. He is famous for his fragmented sculptures of the human body which were often made for large-scale public installations.

Jiménez Deredia merges aspects of figuration with elements of biomorphic abstraction in order to create sensuous forms that reveal their relationship with the environment, the forces of gravity, and the process of transmutation and growth.

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