Auto Museum Abu Dhabi
Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi
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For every passionate car enthusiast, the Emirates National Auto Museum (ENAMA) situated in Al Dhafra, Abu Dhabi, is surely a must-visit spot. However, even those who are not that interested in cars will like the impressive exhibits at this museum.

Here, visitors can explore the history of the modern automobile industry and admire about 200 unique vehicles which are on display. All the cars belong to the private collection of His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. Some of them were bought by His Highness, others were given to him as a gift, and some vehicles are custom-made.

When entering the museum, a big caravan in the shape of a globe and a steel pyramid are what one sees first. The curious looking building serves as a car showroom. 

In the middle of the Emirates National Auto Museum, there is the largest pick-up truck in the world — the Dodge, which is about 8 times bigger than the original model. It can be called a house on wheels: it is occupied with ten bedrooms, a toilet, a bath and a sitting room. By the way, the car is fully functional and off-road ready. In the museum, you will also find the world’s largest replica of the WW2 Willy’s jeep.

Other exhibits definitely worth looking at are the seven rainbow cars (Mercedes Benz 500) with matching upholstery inside and a many-coloured Mercedes Benz W126 for special events. With a 30-year military career behind him, Sheikh Hamad is affectionately nicknamed “The Rainbow Sheikh” for his love of the colors of the rainbow. He has applied these multicolored hues to some of his vehicles. While a few have the full breath of the rainbow hue, there is also a collection of Mercedes in the seven shades of the rainbow – one for each day. These were specially made in 1984 by Mercedes for the Sheikh’s wedding celebration.

Apart from the mentioned vehicles, the museum also has Toyota land cruisers and Hilux pickup trucks; the 1950s American and 1970s European limousines from classic Hollywood movies; 4*4 Lamborgini, Range Rover, FJ Cruiser, Ferrari, Maserati and many others.

In the parking lot, military vehicles, utility trailers and a car from the beginning of the automobile industry are displayed. Children are allowed to climb to the top of some military vehicles, so they will be especially happy.

To get more information, please visit the official website of the museum.

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