Dubai butterfly garden
Dubai Butterfly Garden
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Dubai Butterfly Garden is a great choice for those who’d love to spend some time being surrounded by nature right in the city. The Garden features 10 bright and airy domes where thousands of butterflies (about 15,000 in total) from 50 species are kept. A maintained temperature of 24°C and plenty of plants make the domes perfect for these creatures to live in and thrive. 

Apart from the domes, there is also a Butterfly Museum. Here, hand-crafted art works made by thousands of pressed butterflies from around the globe are on display.

Inside the domes, butterflies fly free everywhere, so visitors can watch them chase each other or feed on hanging trays of nectar or fruit. A visitor also has an opportunity to sit in one of the gazebos and let the butterflies come to them. Recorded bird sounds and voices of real canaries and parakeets in cages compliment such an immersive experience. In the Dome 2, one can enjoy watching colored koi in a pond. The sound of running water serves as a soothing audio background.

Make sure you have your camera to capture the beautiful insects surrounding you! There are tented areas in the centre of each dome and you get up close here as they tend to land and open their wings showing all their colours.

The main goal of the Garden is to let visitors learn about different butterfly types, such as Monarch, Red Rim, African Queen, Tailed Jay, Doris, Great Eggfly, and many others. One gets to see the life cycle of a butterfly from the pupal stage to an adult insect. What will definitely catch the attention of young visitors is an in-house cinema with lots of  animations, butterfly-life cycle videos and movies.

OPENING HOURS: 09:00 am – 06:00 pm

Entry Ticket:
Adults and children 3 y.o. and above: AED 55 
Disabled visitors and kids aged below 3 y.o.: Free

To get more information, please visit the official website of the Garden.

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