Artist’s Talk Tashkeel
Artist’s Talk at Tashkeel
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On the 4th of October 2022, at Tashkeel, an Artist’s Talk will be held with the performance and installation artist Acaye Kerunen. Acaye will be speaking about her visual art practice, which has close connection with female empowerment and collaboration as well as with craft and environmental consciousness.

Having grown up in Uganda, Acaye had a chance to watch her mother doing her work. She learned hand stitching, appending, knotting and weaving from her – all from natural fibers. Her installations and multimedia works discuss the problem of constantly growing population on Earth, the problem of feeding and sustaining that population holistically and practically. Acaye strongly believes in Ugandan women’s empowerment, she regards the authentic creation as lived experience. She collaborates with local craftswomen and transforms the results into installations that question the relationship between fine art and craft. She argues with western art tradition and thinks about her sense of place and context as the centre of her creativity.

Acaye Kerunen, Kakare, 2021, Mixed media, 370 x 860 x 50 cm (145 5/8 x 338 5/8 x 19 ¾ in.) © Acaye Kerunen

For the participants it’s a good opportunity to learn about the art and practice of one of the leading artists in Uganda and to take part in a discussion about female identity and empowerment.

Acaye Kerunen was named by Vogue Italia Magazine in 2012 as one of the most influential artists and social activists in Africa. She is a storyteller, writer, performance and installation artist and activist based in Kampala, Uganda. Acaye has been an actress since a young age. She worked with theatre companies as director, producer and composer and became Founding Director of KEBU Theatre. She writes poetry and her musical theatre scripts have been premiered by the Uganda National Theatre and Phoenix Theatre in Kenya. Acaye writes for various online and print media and her stories have been published by Bayimba Productions and FEMRITE – Uganda Women Writers’ Association. She has a BSc in Mass Communication and a Diploma in Information Systems Management.

Acaye Kerunen, Eeh eeh, 2021, Mixed media, 70 x 56 x 72 cm (27 ½ 22 1/8 x 28 3/8 in.) © Acaye Kerunen

The Talks will be held online on the 4th of October 2022, from 5.30 to 7pm.

Fee: AED 100.00 (+VAT). Please note that fees are non-refundable. 

To learn more and register, please visit the official web page of the event. A zoom link will be sent upon registration.

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