Art in Shades of Gold by Yana Rusnak at ME Dubai
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Skaya Art Agency has collaborated with the ME Dubai Hotel to present Art in Shades of Gold, a solo exhibition by talented Ukrainian artist Yana Rusnak. As part of ME Dubai’s Cultural Connections initiative, the show is being held in the hotel until the 9th of October, 2023.

Rusnak’s work focuses on the “dialogue with the universe”. She draws her inspiration from “Music, Light, Nature, [and] the Galaxy” revealing human aspirations and positive energy. The artist’s radiant paintings, in which the themes of magic and occultism intertwine, combine animalistic and abstract elements and reflect how human emotions and character are connected with the fauna world. While most of Rusnak’s artworks depict animals (cheetahs, lions, tigers, and horses), some portray human figures.

In her work, Rusnak employs rich colours. Two of them, the colours of such precious metals as gold and silver, have a particular meaning. For the artist, silver represents the moon and the values of innocence, purity and mercy. Gold embodies ancient knowledge, the mystery of the Earth, and the sun’s splendour and radiance. What is especially interesting about Rusnak’s masterpieces is the fact that each of them incorporates a precious gold nugget.

Yana Rusnak, Aurum, 2019. Acrylic, canvas, vinyl, varnish. 60 x 90 cm.

The artist is known for abundantly using geometric shapes in her works, particularly triangles. The latter symbolise the concepts of balance, harmony, tension, conflict, integration, subjectivity, and ascension. The triangle is also related to three, a number symbolising symmetry, understanding, and wisdom.

About the artist

Yana Rusnak is a contemporary artist whose art practice engages painting and photography. Rusnak started to showcase her art back in 2016, the year when she won the Rixos Magazine Choice Prize. Since then, she has displayed her artworks in many exhibitions, which include Ukrainian artists exhibition (UVA Gallery, Miami, USA, 2023), Exhibition in Oblong Art Gallery (Forte dei Marmi, Italy, 2022), ADIHEX (Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2021), World Art Dubai (2019), a solo exhibition at Klimt Museum (Wien, Austria, 2018), Art Basel Miami (Fontainebleau Miami Beach, 2017), Open 20 (Venice, Italy, 2017), and others.

Rusnak’s art can be found in private collections and commercial buildings all around the world: in the USA, the Emirates, India, Egypt, Lebanon, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, the UK, and Switzerland, to mention a few.

To get more information about the Art in Shades of Gold exhibition, please visit the Skaya Art Agency’s official website.

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