Art Dubai Digital
Art Dubai Digital 2023
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Art Dubai Digital gives an annual overview of the digital art landscape, providing a platform where art, design, music, fashion, and world-building meet and interact with each other. It explores how artists are using the latest immersive technologies to push the boundaries of the traditional art world.

This year’s Art Dubai Digital will be curated by Clara Che Wei Peh, arts writer, Founder of NFT Asia, and Art Lead and Curator at Appetite Singapore. In 2022, she was a part of the inaugural Art Duba Digital section and a speaker at the Global Art Forum 15. “With the [Art Dubai Digital] section, we want to broaden the collector’s perspective to familiarise the public with how digital art can be collected, installed, and conserved […], to also deepen the relationship that you can have with digital art in your own home or daily life […]”, Clara Che Wei Peh says.

The section will feature 22 Emirati and international galleries and collectives which build bridges between the art and technology worlds. Among the most notable ones are the following:

6529 (Miami)

6529 will present a special selection of works from the 6529 NFT Fund collection, early formative generative NFT works and rare art pieces, showing the evolution of both creative and collecting practices since the dawn of new art mediums. The curation represents the ideals of Punk6529 (a famous collector, investor, and thought leader in the NFT space) and his mission to expand and create an open metaverse celebrating and immortalizing art through NFTs.

Beeple, bubblegum ice pool (2014). Made in Cinema 4D. Courtesy of the artist

The exhibiting artists will be Refik Anadol (USA), who is also one of the speakers at Christie’s Art+Tech Summit at Art Dubai 2023; Beeple (Michael Joseph Winkelmann) (USA), Daniel Calderon (USA), Dmitri Cherniak (USA), Matt Deslauriers (UK), Urs Fischer (USA), Tyler Hobbs (USA), Loie Hollowell (USA), Luna Ikuta (USA), and others.

Lian Foundation (Geneva)

The Foundation was established by Fiorenzo Manganiello, a private collector, patron of the young artists, professor, and expert in Blockchain Technology; it was “born with the purpose to educate and contribute to high social impact initiatives”. At the Art Dubai 2023 fair, Fiorenzo, as an entrepreneur in the field of new technologies, will share his vision on how art and new technologies can be intertwined.

The Foundation will present artworks by Austin Lee (USA).

Can Büyükberber, Metafold X 2022. Video Loop, Editions of 3+1, Widescreen Version 4K. Courtesy Artemis Gallery

MORROW Collective: UAE First Immersion (Dubai)

MORROW collective is an NFT fine art curatorship which supports galleries, artists, collectors, and museums into the NFT space. Its mission is to connect the traditional and crypto art worlds and stimulate mutually innovative growth. MORROW collective consists of owners of numerous gallery spaces across the exclusive Metaverse platforms and are collectors whose collections featured some of the world’s prominent crypto artists.

The artists participating in the exhibition will be Vesa (Finland), Aisha Juma (UAE), Magda Malkoun (Lebanon), Fabin Rasheed (India), Naime Pakniyat (Iran), and others.

UAE First Immersion will be presented in collaboration with MORROW Collective. It will display new works by some of the big names in the crypto art world, which were created after they visited the UAE for the first time in November 2022. The show will include art pieces by Coldie (USA), Colborn Bell, Monaris (Paola Franqui) (USA), Bryan Brinkman (USA), untitled, xyz (Kirk Finkel) (USA), and Raphael Torres.

Zach Lieberman, color ribbon study #2. Giclée, full-bleed print on smooth matte 330 gram paper. 8.5 x 11″ / 17 x 22″

Unit London (London)

Established in 2013, Unit London has successfully launched and advanced the careers of many important contemporary artists. Seeking to connect the physical and virtual spheres of modern experience, the gallery has founded Unit London Web3, a blockchain platform of highly-curated digital art programming. Its aim is to identify and support gifted artists working with developing technologies.

The exhibiting artists will be Iskra Velitchkova (Spain), Zach Lieberman (USA), Fingacode (Cameroon / UK), Tyler Hobbs (USA), Krista Kim (Canada / USA), and Maxim Zhestkov (Russia / UK).

To learn more about Art Dubai Digital 2023, please visit its official web page.