Art Dubai Collector Talks
Art Dubai 2023: Collector Talks
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Art Dubai 2023: Collector Talks is a series of discussions with collectors who significantly contribute to the development of art scene of the Global South. The main topic of the sessions will be the latest trends in traditional and digital collecting across the region. One will also talk about being an arts patron in a developing place where new institutional models are being implemented.

On March 2, the following panel discussions will be held:

The first one is “Luxury Retail and Art” moderated by Amit Gupta, a creative thinker and architecture, design, and art curator. It will start at 2: 15 PM and end at 3: 00 PM. Leading luxury retail and art representatives will talk about their involvement with the arts and how art is incorporated in their practices.

The participants are:

– Thierry Wasser, a contemporary perfumer who works with Guerlain and has worked with Firmenich and Givaudan;
– Lucia Boscaini, Bulgari’s Brand and Heritage Curator;
– Caroline Bourgeois, a senior curator at Pinault Collection.

“From Collector to Patron: Supporting Artistic Production in the Region and Beyond” will last from 4: 00 PM until 5: 00 PM. During the session, one will discuss art patronage forms that support new media art and particularly video art. The discussion will be centered on new initiatives with collectors involved in effective creative endeavours, with a focus on the role commissioning private institutions play in supporting making and displaying digital and video art.

The participants are:

– Han Nefkens, a writer, collector, and founder of the Han Nefkens Foundation;
– Antonia Carver, Art Jameel’s director who was Director of Art Dubai (2010-2016) and Editor/Projects Director at Bidoun (2004-2010).

On March 3, the following panel discussions will take place:

Hosted by Nadya Wang, the Founder and Editor of A& M and FAM, the discussion “Collecting in a Shifting Global Cultural Map” will start at 4: 00 PM and end at 5: 00 PM. What will be discussed is the role which collecting and collectors are playing in shifting art and culture landscapes and in the redistribution of global cultural centres.

The participants are:

– Teo Yang, an interior designer and the founder of Teo Yang Studio;
– Charif Ben Romdane, a prominent collector who lives and works in Dubai.

The panel “Are You Still Collecting Digital Art in the Crypo Winter?”, will be held from 5: 00 PM until 6: 00 PM. Participants will discuss where digital art sits during such a volatile time, the digital art’s history, and their own involvement with it. The panel will be moderated by Julie Baumgardner, an art and culture writer, editor, and journalist.

The participants are:

– Qinwen Wang, an investor, entrepreneur, and one of the 19 Top NFT collectors to curate the Sotheby’s sale Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors;
– Fiorenzo Manganiello, a collector, businessman, professor, and expert in the Blockchain Technology;
– AC from 6529, a Generative Art collector and a partner at 6529 Capital.

To learn more about Collector Talks, please visit the official web page of the event.