Andakulova Gallery Rima Chahine
Andakulova Gallery: Almaz by Rima Chahine
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Andakulova Gallery in Dubai invites everyone to attend Almaz, the solo exhibition of Lebanese-Canadian artist Rima Chahine. The show will run through 5 June 2023.

Being led by intuition while creating her works, Chahine explores the human condition through abstract art. Her style is characterised by boisterous colours and bold brushstrokes; it has also been influenced both by the Western and the Eastern cultures as a result of the artist’s travelling between the East and the West. Chahine’s expressive and emotionally evocative artworks reflect her personal experiences. The continuous process of her healing after moving to a foreign country as a single mother with two young sons is reflected in every painting she creates. 

Rima Chahine, Merge, 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 120 x 150 cm.

The artist hopes that what she conveys in her work resonates with the viewers. “I am good at understanding the psychology of people, and it is shown in my art,” she says. Her background, which includes degrees in communication, art, and business journalism and work experience in PR and events, also helps her engage with people and their psyche. Chahine’s discernment allows her to associate buyers with her art pieces. She says: “When I meet someone, I know where they are in life and can see what they want, need, and which painting would match their character.”

About the artist

Rima Chahine is an award winning self-taught artist. Having Middle Eastern roots, she was brought up in Montreal, Canada, which has certainly had an influence on her art. For Chahine, painting is an intimate process: it helps her to feel a deeper connection to herself. Speaking about her work, she says that “there is no plan, no fear of failure and no forced destination, [only] a flow experience of thoughts, colours, and feelings […].”

Rima Chahine, Sitting on the sofa, 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 70 x 100 cm.

In 2019, Chahine held her solo exhibition Emotions (Andakulova Gallery, Dubai, UAE). She also took part in the Tokyo International Art Fair 2019 (Belle Salle Rappongi, Tokyo, Japan). In 2018, she won the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Global Art Award in the Abstract Art Category. In the same year, during the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix, she displayed her artwork “I SEE YOU” in the Art Weekend exhibition (JW Marriot, Singapore South beach).

To learn more about the Almaz exhibition, please visit Andakulova Gallery’s official website.

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