Ana Liz Cordero’s New Art Studio in Dubai
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Ana Liz Cordero, an Ecuadorian abstract artist, opened her new art studio in Al Fahidi Historical District after being selected by Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. At the studio, her most recent artworks will be exhibited that discuss restoring nature’s real value and achieving spiritual freedom.

Having Inca’s ancient roots, the artist is fascinated by the value that nature had to Inca as a crucial part of life and God’s creation. Collecting and recycling were typical in these communities: for example, they use “adobes”, bricks made of a mix of soil, sand, water, and straws, for building. Natural elements were extremely useful in terms of their benefits of providing the communities with the necessary shelter against severe weather. Inspired by Incas’ knowledge, Cordero incorporated it into her work. She says that her art gives value to the Inca peoples’ care for nature. “That’s my identity as an Ecuadorian: to remember to take care of the ecosystem and biodiversity; to generate connection with the human being and their natural environments”, the artist says

Ana Liz Cordero, Arise, 2021. Acrylic, palm leaves, sand, glue, modeling paste, and gold leaves on canvas. 120 x 120 x 3 cm

To create her art pieces, Cordero uses different natural materials that she finds in each area where she is located: leaves, flowers, sand, soil, and shells. She continuously layers them, which results in three-dimensional forms. “[…] landscapes, mountains, and plants, they have distinct shapes, movements, which is why my art is not flat since movement is life”, Cordero says. Residing in Dubai, she draws inspiration from the desert, the sea, and the mountains of the UAE area, where she also seeks for materiality for her art pieces.

Ana Liz Cordero was born in 1987 at Cuenca, Ecuador. She studied Visual Arts in River East Transcona, Winnipeg, Canada. In 2018, she received a MBA degree in Marketing & Commercial Management from EAE Business School, Madrid, Spain. The artist took part in many art events which were hold in Dubai, including the 10th Edition of Sikka Arts and Design Festival (Al Fahidi, 2022); “The Dhow” (FORM Design Hotel, 2021); Sisa (The Emporium – The Design House, 2020);  “Year of Tolerance” (Double-Tree by Hilton, 2019); and others.

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