An Opening of a New Gallery Space, Athr, in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia
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Athr, a leading contemporary art gallery in Jeddah, has announced the opening of a new gallery space in Al-Ula, one of the oldest cities in the Medina Region in north-western Saudi Arabia and home to Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Athr Gallery is one of Al-Ula’s first permanent cultural structures, located in the ancient desert city’s new arts and culture precinct, AlJadidah. The new dedicated exhibition space is 150m2 inside the Al-Ula Design Gallery. Furthermore, Athr Gallery is the first to take up a space in the building.  The contemporary Al-Ula Design Gallery is made of corten steel, glass and polished concrete and arranged in a breezeblock used widely across buildings in AlJadidah.

Athr Gallery Al-Ula will use its space to showcase its artists and other collaborations. The inaugural exhibition at Athr Gallery focused on the themes of human nature, ecology, the inner self, country and representation within three distinct mediums.  It has opened with an exhibition of works by Ahaad Alamoudi, Sara Abdu and Mohammad Al Faraj.

“We wanted to be in the city that is leading cultural development in Saudi Arabia,” says Mohammed Hafiz, the co-founder of Athr Gallery. “We see an opportunity to engage with our national and international audiences, and the gallery is going to offer experimental exhibitions that will engage with the public.”

Athr Gallery is the leading gallery in Saudi, representing a substantial proportion of the country’s major artists, such as Mater, Sarah Abu Abdallah, Muhannad Shono, Dana Awartani and Mohammed Al Faraj.

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