Alserkal Art Week in Alserkal Avenue
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Alserkal Art Week opened on 12 November at Alserkal Avenue. Interesting and intensive art programme will be held there until 20 November. The theme will be about the unification of art and design. Visitors will explore interconnection of various systems in art and design, which is ” …reminding us that there are ecosystems within ecosystems, and that everything eventually intersects”.

Alserkal Lates will take place in Alserkal Avenue on Monday, 14 November, from 4.30-10 PM. Alserkal Lates is a part of Alserkal Art Week.

In the programme are thought-provoking exhibitions of the region’s most interesting contemporary art galleries; Majlis Talks programme, conversations with artists, gallerists and designers, “slow art walks” by curators and many more. Majlis Talks or simply Majlis is about finding a connection, a common ground for discussion and sharing, a convergence of differences, allowing new questions to rise. “Slow art walks are aligned to ‘alternative ways of being’ and mindfulness – taking the time to slow down and reflect: don’t rush to unpack or understand.”

The list of the most interesting and intriguing exhibitions from contemporary art and design galleries of Dubai can be found on the official web site as well.

A part of “The Follower”, site-specific commissions by Fahd Burki, Ala Ebtekar and Sahand Hesamiyan.

Programme of Alserkal Lates highlights (14 November):

4.30-7 PM | Majlis Talks

4.30 PM | Public Art Commission Tour: Navigate with The Follower

5.00 PM | Artists Ala Ebtekar and Sahand Hesamiyan in conversation with Nada Raza

5.30 PM | The Making of Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim: Between Sunrise and Sunset / Works 1986-2022

6:00 PM | KSA Biennales: Complementary Plurality

6:30 PM | Blurred Boundaries: Architecture, Art, and Design

8:00 PM | Slow Art Walks

8 PM | Slow Art Walk with Asavari Sehgal

9 PM | Slow Art Walk with Daniel H. Rey

To get more information, please, visit the official webpages of the events: Alserkal Art Week, Alserkal Lates.

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