Al Lamki Tabari Artspace
Al Lamki’s Sensu Lato at Tabari Artspace
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Visitors of Tabari Artspace are welcome to see its new exhibition Sensu Lato from March 7th, 2022. Al Lamki’s Sensu Lato comprises several works on canvas and mixed media pieces inspired by the artist’s lifelong relationship and research of the Jebel Hafeet Mountain in Al Ain, UAE. In Latin, Sensu Lato means “in the broad sense”. According to the artist, the exhibition’s title denotes the mountain’s connection to the parent range, the Al Hajar Mountains, and refers to the bond that Al Lamki shares with Jebel Hafeet.

Al Lamki’s palette is inspired by scientific methodologies and local artisanal processes. It comprises freshly formed pigments derived from natural resources in the MENA region. Through his art, Al Lamki expresses the fragility and scarcity of these elements as well as their immense natural powers. 

The artist believes in the unity of man and nature. His art highlights humankind’s dependency on natural resources and the responsibility for the environmental catastrophe that might happen. Al Lamki’s approach to art combines social innovation, sustainability, environmental consciousness.

HASHEL AL LAMKI, “NAVRATNA”, 2022 Oil, natural pigment, oil pastels, ink, on Canvas, 139 x 77 cm 54 3/4 x 30 1/4 in

For the last two decades, Tabari Artspace has played a vital role in connecting international audiences and institutions to the modern and contemporary artists of the MENA region. Believing that art can dismantle borders, encourage new ways of knowing and stimulate the cross-cultural understanding, Tabari Artspace forms a bridge between worlds, a platform pioneering a diverse roster of exhibitions at the crossing of the local and the global.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until the 1st of September, 2022. To get more information, please visit the exhibition’s official webpage.