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The OPEN SPACE online art platform was created in 2020 on the initiative of Julia Smolenkova, an artist, PhD, gallery owner, publisher and art curator.

This unique platform contains everything that may interest art and architecture lovers, collectors, researchers, and artists.

Three significant areas have been united in Open Space:

  • an online gallery of modern and classical art, featuring outstanding contemporary artists whose artworks are in public and private collections around the world and whose artworks can be purchased for your collection
  • a portal of contemporary art of the Gulf countries, including daily art news, interviews with prominent artists, and articles on the architecture and art of the Gulf countries
  • an educational portal in the field of art, art market, marketing and promotion, psychology of art, museum and gallery business, NFT

All of the above clearly reflects our primary mission:

The mission of Open Space is to model and create new opportunities for cultural communication between people and countries.


Inspired by the UAE Government’s goals and programs on sustainable development in the field of culture as well as the Public Art Strategy, we see it as our goal to highlight and promote the cultural development of this region. Speaking of the UAE, we are talking about the incredible identity of this country, its respect for its culture and the remarkable openness of the UAE to all cultures of the world, allowing the UAE to become a world cultural centre.

We see it as our goal to promote the culture, arts and sciences of the UAE both around the world and in the Gulf region.


The gallery presents not only the works of famous contemporary artists but also the works of promising young artists working both in the field of contemporary art and in a classical manner.

In collaboration with well-known curators and art critics, we select artists whose work has total artistic value, which guarantees the high status of your future collection. In our Gallery, you can purchase works of art as well as order service which helps in selecting paintings for your interior, collection or as a gift.

We actively exhibit our artists at various venues in the UAE and around the world.


We also see it as our goal to popularise art through lectures, meetings with artists, conferences, round tables, publications, symposiums, exhibitions.

In collaboration with eminent professors from various universities around the world, art marketers, international curators, auction house owners, we have developed unique and very relevant educational programs, courses and lectures for artists, curators and collectors to raise the professional level and expand the horizons of people working in the field of art and who are fond of it.

The OPEN SPACE team is open to cooperation and projects.


The mission of the Open Space is the creation of new opportunities for cultural communication between people and countries.

Open Space aims at cultural projects connected with art, music, literature, theatre, science; conferences, round tables, festivals, workshops, internships; training, support for young artists and scientists, publication of specialist literature, educational programs, lectures, exhibitions, award establishment, charity events.

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